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How to Stay Healthy During Winter

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Make Winter a wonderful time, not downtime!

Outside your window, snowflakes drift to the ground. The steam from your favorite hot beverage is drawing patterns in the air. Of course, it's brewed in your favorite mug. Soon, you'll feel the richness of raw honey on your tongue.

Right now, you take in a deep breath. Your body relaxes, and you let the tension go. You smile to yourself as you change to your next yoga pose. Yes, this feels good...

That's the beauty of winter. This is the time for you to turn inwards and take care of yourself. It's the period to cut off all the noise. Winter is when you can look at everything that matters to you without ignoring any of your needs.

Give your body a gentle workout

Gift yourself with the benefits of gentle yoga. If you love another form of exercise that comforts you, that's fine too. Do what feels right to you. What matters is that you allow yourself to be present in your body.

Give your body a chance to restore itself with better nutrition

You can also use the winter season to change how you nourish your body. For instance, you may want to trade carbs for foods that contain more fats and proteins. Proteins are the main building blocks of your body so it makes sense to eat more of them.

Add some honey to your life!

Honey is an effective remedy for winter colds and coughs. Yet, it's only raw natural honey that offers these benefits. The good news is, you can treat yourself to authentic raw honey from Forever Bee. You'll receive all the health perks and more.

You and your family deserve the warm feeling that comes from real raw natural honey. Treat yourself to a special flavor too. How about a spoon of tantalizing Forever Bee cinnamon honey? The cinnamon comes to you from an organic farm in Sri Lanka. As you share the golden liquid with your family, you'll feel how much care is put into every single drop.

Here is a plan for a winter evening. Take a sip of your drink mixed with some honey. Allow the warmth to wash over your body. Then, sit still and listen to your innermost feelings.


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