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Sweet Stix: Energy Packed Hiking Food for the Trail (or Workout)

When you're out on the trail you need quick fuel with zero hassle. This is what makes Sweet Stix one of the best high-energy hiking foods.

Colorful rainbow handful of Sweet Stix flavored honey sticks being carried on along a hiking trail in southern California.

Hiking is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get outside and explore. No matter where you live, you're probably closer than you realize to a variety of exciting trails. Even in the heart of Los Angeles or New York City, you're only a quick drive away from gorgeous wilderness.

As you walk through the woods and wildlands, you burn a lot of calories. It's always wise to take some high-energy snacks along on your adventures to keep yourself fueled and feeling good. The best hiking snacks are light, tidy, packed with carbohydrates, and easy to eat while walking along. Honey sticks fit all these requirements and more. This is why I take them along on my hikes.

It's Perfect Workout Fuel

Carbohydrates are the fuel that your muscles burn during exercise. Experts recommend fueling up with carbs before exercising and then eating 30+ grams of additional carbs each hour that you continue to work out. Each Sweet Stick contains 5 grams of flavorful carbs, to keep you energized and strong on the trail.

Your body absorbs different kinds of sugar at different rates, depending on their composition. Honey is a mixture of fructose and glucose, which means it is quickly absorbed, and also quickly broken down in your body, sending fresh energy stores to your muscles. Pure honey is one of the quickest ways to get fuel straight to your muscles for your body to use.

It's All-Natural

Many athletes use energy gels and sports drinks to re-supply their bodies with carbohydrates during exercise. Scientific studies show that honey gives the same energy boost as these expensive and highly processed fitness products, but honey does the job without all the processing or corn syrup.

This is better for your body, as the honey brings along a handful of antioxidants with the carbs. It's also better for the planet. Bees are vital pollinators that help support our food chain and the healthy biodiversity of native plants. Corn syrup, on the other hand, can't be produced without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, severely damaging local ecosystems.

As a hiker, I value the local ecosystems that make up the streams, meadows, and trails near me. Choosing pure honey as my go-to sugar helps me keep them healthy and strong.

It Helps During Recovery

Recovery is the process of your muscles re-building themselves - bigger and stronger - after a workout. To do this, they use sugars as building blocks. At least one study has concluded that eating glucose plus fructose (the blend of sugars found in pure honey) utilizes their quicker combined absorption to start the recovery process faster and with greater ease.

The same biological process that gets the energy to your muscles faster during a workout also speeds up recovery. Faster recovery means less muscle soreness and fatigue after a workout. Win-win!

It's Convenient

Side pocket of hiker's cargo pants full of Sweet Stix flavored honey sticks in a variety of colors.
My Snack Pocket

Trail food just doesn't work if it's a hassle to eat while walking. This is why trail mix and granola bars have been popular for ages. You have to be able to eat it while moving, preferably with one hand.

Sweet Stix are perfect for on-the-go munching. Individually sealed, you just pop one end of the stick into your mouth, bite down on the seal, and it's open! They're also durable enough to withstand being sat on or smushed in a pocket or pouch until snack time. They don't melt or leak.

Lastly, the resin tubes are 100% recyclable, so once you finish a stick, tuck it back in your pocket, pack it out, and toss it in with your recycling. You can enjoy your hike knowing you left the trail in as good (or better!) shape as you found it.

It's Tasty

When I need an energy boost, I like a strong hit of flavor. I get a little mental energy jolt from having something bright and vibrant hit my tongue. Sweet Stix come in a range of flavors, so I can satisfy my varied cravings without having to pack a whole range of different snacks. It's a simple and efficient way to add variety without added hassle.


Sweet Stix are a healthy, fun, convenient, and delicious snack for any hiking trip. Pair them with a salty snack and plenty of water and you'll have all the fuel you need to tackle the toughest trail. Pick up a handful online to prep for your next outdoor adventure. The wilderness is calling!

Handful of Don Victor Sweet Stix forming a colorful rainbow, being held by a hiker walking along a wilderness trail

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